pure nift


I'm an Edinburgh born, camera-carrying, usually-anxious, glamour-adjacent wallflower, and photography was a hobby that's grown wildly out of control. I started with snapshots of nights out in 2008, but as I moved to east London in 2011 I was naturally was dabbling in club photography by 2012. It was my mission to try and capture those beautiful split-second moments of unguarded joy, whilst skipping some of the mess. In ten years of taking hundreds of thousands of photos documenting queer nightlife (and deleting most of them), I also learned a lot about how people see themselves.

A couple of years ago I started dabbling in portraiture, exploring vulnerability, masking masculinity in vivid disorienting colours, trying to show some alternative to what the mirror shows. I'm currently running two portraiture projects:

A Different Light

An attempt to challenge some of the humdrum masculine ideals found in queer media, an escapist counterpoint to glossy magazines or grungy zines.

Living Vivid

A collaborative crusade to learn from, signal-boost and celebrate some of the local queer icons out there writing their own rulebooks. Featured recently in a two month exhibition at Dalston Superstore

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