Portraiture - pure nift

pure nift

Photography by Dan Govan:
performers & queer spaces,
parties & trash babies,
portraits and shenanigans.

Under a different light

Mirrors lie! These trusted oracles of self-image show us only from a single angle, usually expressionless, and then reverse it too! It sounds ridiculous but most people don't really know what they look like, and it's sad how common it is for someone to irrationally hate their smile in the face of overwhelming evidence: literally everyone loves to see their friends' smile.

I'm not trying to show you "what you really look like", I'm just offering a second opinion. No less true than a mirror, if a bit more fantastical. Exploring & glamorising the vulnerability in letting others see you.

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For those in striking distance of Mile End in east London you can star in your own shoot for £150. That's an hour or so with different light setups etc, then editing & retouching on at least 6 dramatic photos.

You can opt in or out of the Instagram project,  it's great for experience for improving self-image, as well self-promotion or just for fun!

Email for enquiries!

Living Vivid

In august 2017 I started a project to take what I'd learned with portraiture and capture some of the inspirational queer personas I'm lucky enough know in East London. Many drag queens, mostly performers, all embodying and projecting  that off-script "something else".

As of January 2018 I'm about a third of the way through my "list", so lots more to come. 

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