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What is it?

I do cute portraits of people under colourful lights. It's a celebratory and fantastical take admittedly, but it's just as much you as what you see in the mirror every day. It's just a second opinion.

Why do it?

Be art! See yourself as you never have before! While it's obviously great for self promotion if you're a creative or a brand, it's also a great experience for improving self-image, not to mention just for fun! It's sort of a ridiculous situation and I lean into that, vulnerability and trust is as much a part of it for me as discovery and laughter. Every shoot I do has a veto round with the subject so that I can delete any that they are not comfortable with. You can opt in or out of the Instagram project too!

(I could even tone the colours down and attempt a headshot kinda situation but it almost seems a waste?)

What does it cost?

£80 Express shoot: up to 1hr , 2 portraits included.
Great for someone who knows exactly what they want, we can quickly set it up, try a few variations, and get that look you're after. (As long as the look is a queer vibrant sci-fi vibe!)

£150 Creative shoot: up to 2hr, 4 portraits included.
Give us a bit of breathing room to explore a wider range of poses and techniques, as well as bring your own ideas of course!

Further portrait edits available at £20 each.
Even knowing that there can only ever be 1 best photo, choosing only 2 or 4 can be really tough, so I've added the option to pick as many as you want and I'll edit them all for you. This can quickly mount up, so be sparing! It's mainly for flexibility.

(As a bonus, prints are available at 25% off too!)

How does it work?

Most  are nervous about being in front of a camera, so to walk you through what actually happens:

Come to my home in Mile End in London. I'll have turned the top floor into a makeshift studio. I'll probably offer you some tea and we'll have a little chat about the impending shoot.

We'll start simple, see what colours work on your skintone etc. Depending on how much time you book in we'll work through a variety of lighting setups and colours, props and poses (standing, sitting, sometimes lying or kneeling). I'll show you a few photos as we go so you can get a sense of how things are turning out and change direction as needed.

After the shoot is done, I'll spend some time working through the photos, making basic edits and whittling them down from hundreds of captures to dozens of 'maybe's.

I'll send some screenshots to you of the photos that worked, you send them back with the ones you want edited circled and the ones you want deleted for all time crossed out. Then finally I spruce the circled ones up a bit and post them on my website, sending you a private link to where you can download them in high resolution.

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