Commissions - pure nift

For those in striking distance of Mile End in east London you can star in your own shoot, different light setups etc, then editing & retouching on at least 6 dramatic photos. You can opt in or out of the Instagram project, it's great for experience for improving self-image, as well self-promotion or just for fun!

Every shoot has a veto round with the client or collaborator so that I can delete any that they are not comfortable with. Vulnerability and trust is as much a part of it as discovery and laughter.

Recreation £80

Know exactly what you want? Perhaps you've seen an image of mine you want recreated but with you as the subject? No problem, sort it all in a half-hour shoot with 3 edits.

Exploration £150

A full "barenift" shoot in a variety of poses, lights and colours suited to you: 1 hour shoot, 6 edits (plus any that I edit for insta). 

Experimentation £250

Want to go outside the box and try something different? 2 hour shoot, 12 edits

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